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March 2016 - Oreos Take 2nd at State

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Oreos Take 2nd at State-by Andrew Florez
Living Large as The Oreos

By Andrew Florez, LG4

The Oreos, (Miranda Jaquez, Andrew Florez, and Juleima Jaquez) a fourth grade Destination Imagination (a.k.a. “D.I.”) team, went to Bosque High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Saturday, March 12, 2016 for the State DI Tournament with students from Naaba Ani, Mesa Alta Junior High, and BHS.  They were very happy when they got 2nd place.  Of course, this was after winning 1st place at the regional tournament in Farmington at Animas Elementary School.  The regional tournament was Saturday, February 20, 2016.  The Oreos did the Close Encounter
s Challenge, an improvisational main challenge and an instant challenge.  They won three medals and a 1st Place trophy.  ¨Even though we don't get to go to Globals, we are still very happy,¨ said Juleima Jaquez.  Teams that place first at the state finals of DI are invited to attend Global Finals in May at the University of Tennessee.  The Oreos were very proud to have done so well in their two competitions as it was their first year competing.  “We always have next year,” said Miranda Jaquez  

State DI Tournament 2016 019.JPG

March 2016 - Little Einsteins Qualify for Nationals

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Little Einsteins go to Nationals
For the third year in a row, Blanco will be sending a team to the Global Finals Destination Imagination Competition at the University of Tennessee (Go Volunteers!) in Knoxville, TN May 25-28 to compete with teams from more than 35 states, 6 Canadian Provinces, and some 28 countries around the world (many International Schools attend).  

The sixth grade gifted team, "Little Einsteins" (Cami Deifenbaugh, Xenia Herrera, Maggie Salazar, and John Tavenner) took 1st Place at the State DI Competition in Albuquerque Saturday in the fine arts middle school division of Challenge C, "Get a Clue".  

A good showing was made by our stiffest competitors, "Quizzlers" from Mesa Alta taking third place.  The "Quizzlers" hail from Blanco and had attended Global Finals the last two years (Elizabeth Florez, Monica Perez, Khale Lucero, and Jacob Berryhill).

The fourth grade gifted crew, "Oreos" (Juleima Jaquez, Miranda Jaquez, Andrew Florez) were awarded second place in the improvisational challenge (D) in the elementary division called "Close Encounters".  What a great day for them!  This was their first time competing and after taking first place in the Regional DI Competition in February, they were ready to compete.
-Sally Travis

February 2016 - Oreos Take 1st at Regionals

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Oreos Take 1st Place-by Miranda Jacquez
First Place Cookies
By Miranda Jaquez

The Oreos (Miranda Jaquez, Andrew Florez, and Juleima Jaquez), a fourth grade team from Blanco Elementary, placed first at the Regional Destination Imagination Tournament in Farmington at Animas Elementary School Saturday, February 20. Mr. Jaquez the twins dad says “They had a good performance”. The fourth grade team were nervous as a hummingbird. Getting a great score on their instant challenge giving them a better score causing them to get first place. ~The fun, hard-working team got was invited to the State Destination Imagination Tournament in Albuquerque.


April 28th, 2016 Thursday Note

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